Getting through another

“On that fateful day, I was staying in our house. I knew that a typhoon was coming but I did not anticipate the massive destruction it would bring. It was raining cats and dogs, when a young man run in our house yelling “It’s a big wave! It’s a big wave of water!”. We didn’t have much time to get out and run for our lives. We were flushed by the water. We struggled to swim out of the water. I was separated from my family. My husband tried to reach my hand. He held onto me tightly but he cannot fight the force of the current. I was dragged by the current and drowned to the shore of the lake. I could hear my grandchildren calling me as I am getting farther from them. I tried to battle against the strong wave of water. I almost lost energy, fortunately, two young men came to rescue.”


Philippines: How Johanniter International Assistance is Helping the Forgotten people

The Philippines are very often plagued by typhoons and tropical storms. As a consequence of climate change, the country very frequently suffers from heavy rainfall and floods. Poorer sections of the population are the hardest hit in these cases, people who cannot afford to live in settlement at higher elevations. Together with its partner organisation Tambayan, the Johanniter International Assistance has been active in the slums in the island of Mindanao since 2016, helping people to be better prepared for the recurrent natural disasters.

  • Double stroke of fate: Samiha Said Aniego and her family are among the so-called internally displaced persons. They had to leave their home because of the violence. Now a typhoon has destroyed her new house.

    Photo: Johanniter International Assistance

Background to a forgotten crisis on the Philippines

Mindanao, an island in the south of the Philippines, is the setting for one of south-east Asia’s oldest conflicts that is being staged by a number of different groups. Moslem extremists and soldiers are currently engaged in bloody battles. The victims, as always, are civilians. What’s more, the Philippines are seriously threatened by natural disasters on account of their geographical location.