What are forgotten humanitarian crises?

What are forgotten humanitarian crises?

ECHO, the Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations, defines a forgotten humanitarian crisis as a severe and long-lasting humanitarian crisis situation in which the population receives little to no international aid. In addition, no political will to end the crisis can be identified. There is also a lack of interest from the media, meaning the crises develop beyond public perception.

Which countries are affected?

Not in all cases is the entire state territory affected. Instead, it is often only in individual regions or among certain groups of the population. Next to the forgotten humanitarian crises presented on this website, these also regularly include:

  • Bangladesh
  • Burkina Faso
  • Mali
  • Philippines
  • Sahel
  • Venezuela

International Coordination

The international humanitarian system has developed various mechanisms to better respond to the needs that arise in forgotten humanitarian crises: OCHA (the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) annualy provides financing from the Central Emergency Fund (CERF) for humanitarian aid in forgotten crises. With its Forgotten Crisis Assessment, ECHO puts together an overview of forgotten humanitarian crises, which creates the basis for supplying relief. These instruments are a relevant benchmark for the regional emphasis German humanitarian aid places.